Mini Stay in Broome

As most of you know by reading the article about our camper trailer power upgrade – we went to Broome to get it all fixed. While were there we decided to take in some sights and treat ourselves to some luxury…. At least that was the plan.



Cable Beach Sunset
Sunset at Cable Beach

I’m not very good at planning (that’s Hubbies job), I’m more of a “suck it and see,” kind of person….  Meaning – I do stuff and see what happens. So anyway I type in a quick search for accommodation near Cable Beach, Broome and see what turns up. l’m thinking – we’ve been living in a camper trailer for 2 months….. a few nights in a one bedroom apartment would be heaven…. maybe have a long hot soak in the tub…get to sit in a comfy lounge, maybe watch some TV or take in a Movie….. oh – and there should be a washing machine – BONUS

I find all this at the “Sea Shells Apartments”, Cable Beach… I’m so excited I’m telling Hubbie all the things I’m looking forward too etc. etc….all the way from Halls Creek to Broome.

Well; we rock up to Reception only to find out they are fully booked due to the end of the Shinju Matsuri Festival (which is Japanese for Festival of the Pearl), Dam….Bugger…Dam!  The lady  at Reception was really nice and did a quick internet search and found a room at The Oaks – Cable Beach. She did mention that the room was a Studio Apartment (whatever that means) I only heard the word “apartment”, and thought…great that will do.

Artwork as part of the Shinju Matsuri Festival

I can now tell you that a Studio Apartment is not the same as a One Bedroom Apartment… Instead of a self-contained suite we got a room not much bigger than a standard hotel room. No bath – just a shower – bugger, no comfy lounge – bugger and get this; Twin SINGLE Beds……WTF. The look on Hubbies face was priceless – he was not impressed. The only redemption was it being on the ground floor with easy access to the camper trailer. We had to empty most of our gear into our room so it could have work done to it.

Once we had got over the shock of my mistake with the room and had finally moved in ready for a cuppa/beer, I turned my attention to more practical things like washing. I did a quick 360 of the room but no washing machine….hum…. I even opened up all the cupboards. I found the ironing board, iron, extra blankets, pillows but….no washing machine….Ok they must have a guest laundry – I’ll just give reception a call.

Well I can tell you, I kept pretty calm right up until the gentleman at reception told me there is NO Guest laundry (I repeat NO Guest laundry) in the complex for those rooms without washing machines and that I would have to go down the road to the caravan park to do our washing —– It was at this moment I lost my shit!…. internally I’m screaming major swear words into the phone…… externally all I remember saying is “WOW that is really, really bad and hung up!”.

It took a long; incredibly hot shower and a nice set of “Town” clothes to cheer me up. The type of shower that turns the bathroom into sauna and the months of dirt to wash out of the pours. Feeling better (and calmer) we decided to put it all behind us and just enjoy our stay. We ended up walking down to the Divers Tavern at Cable Beach for dinner and some drinks; washing away the frustrations of the day.. It was a great feed, fantastic ambiance with a relaxed feel  – we would recommend it to anyone passing through.

Willie Creek Pearl Farm

In the three days we stayed at Cable Beach we walked around the Broome township, went down to the Pearl Farm at Willie Creek, enjoyed the Sunset at Cable Beach, watched the fireworks for the closing of the Shinju Matsuri Festival and took in a Movie at the Cinema.

Camels at Cable Beach – Getting Ready for the Sunset Ride

After my FohPar at the start of our mini stay we both put that behind us and enjoyed the break. Hubbies highlight was the colour of the ocean – especially at Willie Creek. My highlight was watching the sunset on Cable Beach, seeing the Camels, looking at the beautiful Pearls and learning about the history – OK… I don’t have just one.

We will eventually go back to Broome for a visit but it might be awhile…. it took us 21 years to get there this time 🙂

Till next time…..

The Misses




  1. Great pics yet again. So sorry you guys had to go through what you did especially after a 21year absence. If only we had known! Whilst ever we are in Broome, you will always have a place to do your washin….hahaha
    P.S. We are gonna renovate the bathroom and chuck out the tub. But don’t worry, we will put under the Mango tree just in case you ever need a good soaking.

    Liked by 1 person

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