Camp Stove Maintenance

After camping and using the Camp Wood Burning Stove every day for a month we have noticed that it needs some general maintenance from time to time – other than just cleaning out the ash..



Don’t stress to much as you will know when its time give the flue a good clean – the annex (or tent) will fill up with smoke.

Obviously the first things to check would be that the flue dampener is fully open, and the firebox door is ajar enough to draw air. Also you should check the annex isn’t so air tight that there isn’t enough oxygen for both you and the fire – if your a bit light headed and dizzy when standing up – open a bloody door or window before you asphyxiate yourself.

If you’ve checked all this and your annex  is still smokey – dismantle and clean all the built up soot and grime sticking to the inside of the flue housings. You might have to wait until everything has had a chance to cool down. There is a reason chimney sweeps were employed back in the day….

Here are some photos of what we found when this happened to us. I would think that some wood burns cleaner than others.


Make sure you pick up some kind of Flue cleaning brushes… We are using brush (woody shrub branches) to clean ours, until we can pick a flue brush up.

We hope you find this helpful

Stay Warm

The Misses.


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