Hi folks, my name is Hubbie, Mr Fix-it, or Breaker Brother depending on the ‘Other-half’s’ attitude towards the quality of the work I have just carried out,. The old ‘Ball-and-Chain’,  has asked me to write up some articles on repairs/jobs that have needed to be done on our gear.

Having a mechanical/fitter experience from the Defence Force and owning several 4WD’s over the years has helped us while travelling our vast country.

Feel free to ask me anything about any of the gear we have or fixes that we needed to carry out and I will try to answer the question for you – Just remember that we have very limited tools and resources at hand; so some of my fixes may only be temporary till we make it back to a regional center.

In the “Camp Stove & Hot Water Kettle” article, ‘The Misses’, posted photos showing the chimney going up through our annex roof. We have had a question by a viewer as to how we managed to achieve this. So this folks is why The Misses has added the tab “Ask Hubbie” to the home page.

The answer to the question about installing the Camp Stove Flue will be answered shortly.


  1. Good onya Hubbie, I know that you are a gunnie and proud of it I hope…you and your 5/8 are a great pair, I am looking for all the good stories you two get up to on this trip around the dirt…..stay safe pal ….


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