Camp Stove & Hot Water Kettle

Now this little beauty was a fantastic buy. As far as I can tell its a cheap knock-off from a British or European  design that has been around for decades. Although I admit I didn’t look into it that much, I was more interested in its practical function rather than its family history.

This one is made in China (shock horror) and purchased from the 4X4 Supacentre Online. I think it was selling for about $250 without the Stainless Steel Hot Water Kettle you see above.

The 3 Lt Stainless Steel Kettle was a different story… Jeez I had a hard time finding this – I mean I found it easily but no-one had any stock. I looked throughout the internet and finally found one being sold by a small Irish company for $94 AUD. The price was expensive especially when shipping is added onto cost, but I was surprised when all up it worked out to be about $124 AUD. The workmanship and quality of fittings is good and unlike cheaper ones this kettle has a large full size tap spout, including a handle large enough to get a good grip on.

Although this is a great piece of kit that we use every day – we don’t cook on it.. I tried to fry some sausages once but decided the gas cook-top we have does a far better job. In a pinch if we run out of gas; than – yes we would use it. As a kitchen appliance the most we use this for is to soak the grime off the bottom of the fry pan. Oh… I forgot its great to do stews on…



What really gets me excited (like jump up and down and do a little jig) about this Camp Stove is the fact this tinny wood burning stove heats the annex and camper trailer when those nights are freezing, wet and windy.

It even boils the water for us to use in the kitchen while keeping us cozy – But wait there is more…….. while this little work horse is doing all this; it takes bugger all wood and the flue is adjustable to dampen down the burn allowing the wood to last longer – I’m talking an armload of 30 cm long pieces of wood about the thickness of you wrist (maybe a bit thicker) will last us the whole night with some left over for the morning.

Its fully collapsible with all the flue pieces fitting inside the fire box. When folded up it weighs about 4 kg. Its length is about 42 cm long and about 23 cm wide. It stands at knee height when legs are in place – that’s about 55 cm . I find this height perfect when sitting down in a chair around it.

Now it is advisable I give you the normal warnings to take care – Your tent, annex, camper trailer has canvas or plastic that is flammable and can melt. Yes sparks, embers and in some cases flames can come out the top of the flue increasing the risk of fire.

Also – Yes…hot coals can fall out the front of the wood stove and burn any floor covering you might have.

Finally if you have the wood-burning stove inside the annex with a gas cook top at the other end it is still advisable to understand if there is a gas leak there is potential for the place to go up like a fire cracker on Guy Faulks Night.

In other words this is not designed to be a bon-fire – its just a slow gentle wood heater… don’t do dumb shit and have some common sense – and if something like the above happens to you well then… shit…. if you live, then you learn and get to tell a great story…. 🙂


    • Thanks Donna – If there are any articles you think other people might enjoy please share. Hopefully we will be able to catch up with you sometime in our travels.


    • Thanks Rhonda – I’m glad you liked the article and I’m sure we will catch up with you again some time in the future. All the best


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