Longreach Hole – Camfield Station N.T

Campfield Station Longreach Hole Locations NT

The Longreach Hole on Camfield Station in the Northern Territory is situated along the Buntine Highway between Top Springs and Kalkarindji – located at the head waters of the mighty Victoria River.

It’s understandable if you’ve never heard of it…..its no where near The Victoria River Roadhouse or The Victoria Highway (The highway leading from Katherine in the Northern Territory to Kununurra in Western Australia).

We turned off the Stuart Highway at Dunmarra onto the Buchanan Highway until we got to Top Springs; turning onto the Buntine Highway then down to the Station. This route was the shortest most direct path from the Stuart  Highway to Halls Creek – it also allowed us to revisit old memories.

If your travelling though you might be deceived into thinking this country is hard and lifeless, with nothing to give – you’d be greatly mistaken…..Its dry to be sure…. but the water holes are teaming with life.

Longreach Hole

Each Waterway, Rock hole, Lagoon or Billabong is a mecca for native animals, cattle, humans and a rich variety of plant life. These amazing oasis’s are few and far between. Small havens hanging on until the rains come.

We where lucky enough to be granted permission by the Station Manager to camp at the Longreach Hole for a few days. A welcome relief from endless roads and quick night camps. It was a chance to spread out and catch up on some maintenance.

The original idea was to enjoy a bit of Barra fishing but neither of us could get up the desire to get serious about it – and why would we… the water hole was stunning with a constant stream of bird life to watch. We mostly just sat back and enjoyed to picturesque nature of the place.


Most Mornings we woke up to a chorus of bird calls with the rising sun. I found I was eager to get out of bed even if it was only 5:00am. Just to see the animals down by the waters edge having their morning drink; or in the case of the crocodiles there breakfast….

That’s probably why I enjoy visiting these places; they give me a feeling of connection that I’ve just never felt in a town or suburb. As corny as it sounds…. That big circle of life….


You can’t control the environment out bush…. I think that’s what I like the most. It can be unpredictable and challenging but also freeing and liberating. Being out here really does alter the way you do things. All of a sudden the “must have” items in town don’t work or don’t matter – It is the worlds greatest leveller….. bringing us back in touch with the environment.



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